Mundy’s Bay

MUNDY’S BAY is a band built on distance.

It’s front and center on the Montreal-based quintet’s new EP, CONTROL ROOM, their debut release for Pure Noise Records. Over a mix of ethereal indie-pop, pulsing new wave and hints of shoegaze, the three-song set (which arrives in advance of a forthcoming 2019 LP) muses on relationships doomed by detachment, the sense of longing that comes with long-distance love.

Lyrically, it’s deeply resonant for the 21st century, when we find ourselves with access to the entire world at the touch of a button yet still lonelier than ever. And while the band’s style, which pays reverence to musical movements of the ’80s while simultaneously pushing forward to break new ground, sounds like the kind of comfortable fit they’ve been doing for years, it’s ultimately the next chapter in a musical history colored by—of all things—hardcore music. From their previous experiences playing in that scene, the band kept their DIY ethics and developed an energetic live show. “One of the best things that’s come out of the streaming age of music is an openness to all genres,” says guitarist Victor Beaudoin. “We were still able to be part of the hardcore scene while reaching out to new people.”

With CONTROL ROOM in tow, Mundy’s Bay are poised to continue pushing the limits of their creativity and sound, adding in rockier elements as well as leveraging Mulders’ captivating lyrical style, which takes its roots in long-form poetry. And, no matter how far they end up from where they started, they’ve learned that welcoming this distance with open arms is ultimately the best way to continue moving forward.

“We just want to explore whatever inspires us,” Therrien says. “There’s no worry in our minds about being too much of something—or not enough.”

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