Born in college dorm rooms in Canada’s capital city, Bearings are the latest in a long line of emotionally-driven rock groups to make their way out of the great white North. Following the acclaim for their Pure Noise Records debut, “Nothing Here Is Permanent” in Fall of 2017, the band landed tours with the likes of State Champs, Four Year Strong and Less Than Jake, lifting them to new heights and captivating audiences with their expertly crafted sound made up of influences new and old.

Building on their reputation for skillful songwriting and emotive storytelling, Bearings are gearing up for the release of their debut Pure Noise Records LP, “Blue In The Dark.” The new album is a collection of songs that will whet the appetite of current fans while showing off the group’s ability to grow as artists and not simply stick to their laurels. “Blue In The Dark” will be available everywhere in October 12, 2018.

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US: Dayna Ghiraldi
UK: Hayley Connelly
Europe: Fleur Newman
AUS: Janine Morcos

Booking: Brad Wiseman

Management: Joe Buscema

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