As accidents go, the forming of Thoughtcrimes was a very happy one. The brainchild of former Dillinger Escape Plan drummer Billy Rymer, it all just started as a bit of fun for when he was home on Long Island in between Dillinger tours. After joining that band in 2008, he soon stopped playing guitar, because, as he puts it, he “had two of the craziest guitar players of all time playing alongside me.” There was, he thought, just no point. But, one time when he was home, his longtime friend and now Thoughtcrimes guitarist Brian Sullivan thought otherwise, and convinced Rymer that he should pick up the instrument again. “Guitar has always been my second instrument,” he explains, “but while I was in Dillinger I just stopped riffing. I stopped playing guitar altogether. But then Brian was getting on my case to riff more. I hadn’t picked up a guitar in years, but I did – and then we wrote our first ever song.”

The song they wrote together is called “Misery’s A Muse.” It turned out to be the inadvertent start of the band. Some two years after Dillinger called it day, Thoughtcrimes – completed by vocalist Rick Pepa, guitarist Russ Savarese and bassist Cody Hosza – digitally released their debut EP, Tap Night, a record they wrote in just one week. Now, Pure Noise are not only putting Tap Night out on vinyl, but are re-releasing the EP with two additional tracks: “Misery’s A Muse” and “Wedlock Waltz.”

Thoughtcrimes’ debut album arrives in 2022.

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US: Monica Seide-Evenson
UK: Hayley Connelly
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