Youth Fountain

Youth Fountain is a two piece Emo / Pop Punk band based in Vancouver B.C. Canada – featuring members Cody Muraro (Vocals) & Tyler Zanon (Guitar/Vocals). The band has been around since early 2013, starting out as a solo act/musical outlet created by founding member Tyler Zanon. After a few years of having potential song ideas and demos tracked, Tyler recruited member Cody Muraro to guest on the debut song “Grinding Teeth”.

The chemistry worked out in a positive manor, so both decided to undergo the project together moving forward. Since the official release of the two track EP ‘Grinding Teeth’ back in May 2017, both members have continued writing, recording & producing new music in anticipation for the release of their full length debut album – along side, playing a handful of shows across western Canada. Youth Fountain hit the road in the fall of 2018 hitting the full US and cross Canada in support of their debut Pure Noise Records EP release.

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US: Becky Kovach
UK: Hayley Connelly
Europe: Denise Pedicillo
AUS: Janine Morcos

Booking: Jacob Bialosky

Management: Mark Woodbridge

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