Solo artist Alex Melton, known online for his renditions of Punk Songs as Country influenced Songs or indeed Pop punk covers of other cross genre/mainstream acts has signed to Pure Noise Records.

Alex Melton started our recording bands pre-production demos back in 2012 & soon started to have a taste for recording himself. He fell into covers after warming up one day playing along to Taylor Swift “We Are Never Ever Getting Back Together” – adding his own double time drum parts and improvising over the song. “I loved the fast beats over the catchy pop hooks, and I fell in love with the process of taking pop songs and arranging them to sound more like the music I was obsessed with growing up – pop punk.” says Melton.

Today, he is releasing two new songs both covering one of the most loved pop punk bands around, State Champs and having Ryan Scott Graham of the band feature on another.

“You can take the boy out of Westland, but you can’t take the Westland out of the boy” Ryan Scott Graham, State Champs

“It’s endlessly fascinating to me to be able to take chords and a melody from a song, and change certain parameters and get a different feeling from the end product.” says Melton. “I’ll sometimes re-harmonise a chorus, or change the key or tempo or meter, or even sometimes just put a fresh guitar part on the existing structure. It’s fun to distill the song to its truest form and then build it back up in a different way. The context of the lyrics can even shift depending on the accompaniment style.”

Music is something that everyone can be passionate about in their own way. It’s a means of expressing yourself, or venting, or celebrating, or catharsis – or all of it at once. “I’m constantly thankful and blown away that so many people have resonated with my version of certain songs, and I’m thrilled to be able to showcase the love and respect I have for the songs that I choose to cover.” says Melton

Stream the tracks online HERE