Combining melodic and fierce instrumentation with emotive lyrics and impassioned vocals has always been a recipe for success in the Melodic Hardcore genre, and is something that Bloom pride themselves on their ability to achieve.

Forming in 2017, Bloom has always strived to put their heart and soul into every single release, exploring themes from broken relationships to grieving the loss of a family member. Their capability to convey deep emotion through surging and soaring songwriting with memorable hooks and choruses are second to none.

Bloom are no strangers to hardship; releasing their sophomore EP In Passing amid the pandemic in 2020, completing a 19 date Australian tour in the brief period of eased restrictions at the start of 2021, and writing and recording their next release entirely remotely with interstate producer Christopher Vernon.

Speaking on the new material, the band said their forthcoming debut album Maybe In Another Life is a concept album about possibility. Stylistically diverse, the record fluctuates between soft spoken, atmospheric melodies and searingly intense riffs to sonically match the changing and conflicting perspectives of the voice in the record. Told like a story in 10 parts, Maybe In Another Life examines longing, self-indulgence, fantasy, manipulation and despair through the eyes of a character that is constantly challenged by their reality. Maybe in Another Life contains our heaviest breakdowns and stickiest choruses to date, and brandishes the full range of the sound we have been crafting since we began as a group.”

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US & UK: Hayley Connelly
Europe: Denise Pedicillo
AUS: Ophelia Symons

US: Jonathan Wilson
EU/AUS: Emily Linehan

Management: Emily Linehan

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