Cory Wells

Speaking about the album Cory said “I didn’t know if this album was going to come out of me. I have always written from trauma. It can be exhausting, debilitating, and sometimes unhealthy. This record is no different. It can be difficult to admit that the problems in your life may be no one’s fault but your own. The first album was just one side of the story. “Harbouring the Hurt I’ve Caused” is all about the damage that I have done and how it feels to live with my mistakes every day. I realize I’ve been blind, and once I can finally see, the fear that the end is certain, begins to settle in. I believe we all experience this as much as I wish that weren’t true. Take care of the people you love. I hope this record means as much to you as the journey did for me.”

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US & UK: Hayley Connelly
Europe: Denise Pedicillo
AUS: Janine Morcos

Booking: Jake Zimmerman

Management: Rich Fernandes

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