Mint Green

Mint Green are the refresh button. For indie rock, for the ever-expanding catalog of heartbreak anthems, and for days that just feel like utter garbage. Pick a subject — any subject — and the Boston band have revitalized it somehow, with a coolness that escapes legions of modern acts stuck retracing the same rut of rock music. Since opening a lush vein of rock on their self-released EPs Growth (2016) and Headspace (2018), the band has formed a tender bond with listeners over the dizzying highs of crushes, the sting of soiled relationships, and nagging bouts of self-doubt — each examined through Mint Green’s refreshing filter. In between performances across the U.S. and the U.K. the group’s colorful, punk-y perspective has earned them 3 Boston Music Awards nominations on their home turf: New Artist of the Year, Alt/Indie Artist of the Year, and 617Sessions Artist of the Year. Their 10-track debut LP All Girls Go To Heaven drops June 3 via Pure Noise Records and promises to whisk you away to a dreamier place.

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US: Jamie Colleta
UK: Hayley Connelly
Europe: Denise Pedicillo
AUS: Janine Morcos

Management: Mint Green
Booking: Brandon Zmigrocki

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