Hailing from San Jose, California, Mugshot first release came in 2016 with their album Dull Boy. Five years later, Mugshot made waves with their EP Empty Heaven, which garnered overnight success among metal and hardcore fans alike. Today, Mugshot is made up by drummer Connor Haines, guitarist Michael Demko, and vocalist Ringo Waterman.

Mugshot has proudly announced their signing to Pure Noise Records. The band expresses their excitement for this collaboration, acknowledging Pure Noise for releasing some of their all-time favorite records. Mugshot eagerly looks forward to achieving new heights under this new partnership.

Their latest EP, Cold Will, is a sonic journey meticulously crafted by the trials of life. Addressing profound themes such as abuse, depression, manipulation, trauma, and other existential struggles, the album navigates the tumultuous waters of human experience. The lyrical depth of the songs is complemented by dissonant riffs and frenetic drum patterns, creating a mental landscape of daunting thoughts and unfiltered aggression. Drawing inspiration from hardcore roots, Mugshot metal record is a relentless onslaught of chaotically heavy riffs, sudden tempo changes, and unbridled anger, all converging into a powerful and definitive statement.

Cold Will serves as a resounding callout to those who have abused their power or authority to exploit others. The album stands as a dedication to those who have been lost due to such actions, amplifying their silenced voices distorted by the challenges of life. Mugshot firmly believes that when one’s voice is suppressed by the distortions of existence, it becomes our responsibility to amplify and bring awareness to their narrative. With this record, Mugshot aims to confront and address the impact of manipulative actions, offering a raw and unapologetic exploration of the human condition.

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