Graduating Life Announces Split EP with Save Face

Rock & roll band, Graduating Life have announced they will be releasing a split EP with New Jersey rock band, Save Face, on September 12, 2019 via Pure Noise + Epitaph Records. To amp up excitement, Graduating Life has released one of the tracks today, entitled “Wonderful.” Fans can listen to the song and pre-order physical copies and exclusive merchandise at

Lead vocalist, Bart Thompson, shares, “Tyler [of Save Face] and I have known each other for years and I’m just excited that we finally get to do something together!”

About Graduating Life: Formed in 2017 by vocalist Bart Thompson, Graduating Life started out as a solo project. That year, he released An Introduction to Rock & Roll, and toured the US four times. Over the past year, Graduating Life has grown into more of a full band, and Grad Life, which was re-released back in the spring when the band signed to Pure Noise Records, was their first official release together. Thompson, along with a few other members of Graduating Life, is also a member of bands such as Mom Jeans. and Just Friends.

Graduating Life is Bart Thompson (vocals), Sam Kless (bass), Austin Carango (drums), Chris Palowitch (keys/trombone), Eric Butler (guitar), and Ryan Ellery (guitar).

About Save Face: New Jersey rock band Save Face is the project of vocalist and guitarist Tyler Povanda, but if you look at their Facebook page, it credits “Tyler Povanda and friends.” Povanda is the nucleus around which friends, former tourmates, and scene veterans revolve, making Save Face a completely freed and ever-changing entity with Povanda at the heart since 2012, triangulating Queen, Weezer, and Saves The Day into punkish blasts of wiry, intricate guitar-rock.

Save Face’s 2018 debut full-length Merci was a riveting concept record about an addict’s post-rehab struggles. It established Povanda as a feverishly creative composer, a quality that’s lifted Save Face to critical acclaim and fan adoration. Save Face as it exists now has that same commitment and vision, but the band is not the same. For Povanda, Save Face now is an endless new start, a hand-picked punk rock band that is constantly reinventing itself, its shows, and its records.

He credits his community of collaborators with elevating him and his work. “I don’t think I’m always right,” he says. “The one thing about having a band is it’s good to have people check you on things and foster the best version of what it can be. I have a lot of those people in my life.”

On their upcoming tour to support their anthemic slacker-punk new single “Bummer,” Save Face will perform with five members for the first time ever—including with members of upcoming tourmates Just Friends, a collection that reinforces the always-shifting but always-there-for-you nature of Povanda’s community. Povanda says the shows will be as they always have been: monumental, intentional, each not quite the same as the last. In the same way Save Face records are carefully crafted, so too are their shows. Get to one if you can. You never know which Save Face you’ll get.

“I don’t feel like I’m locked into a path right now, and that’s super important to me,” says Povanda. “I feel like I can really take it anywhere I wanna go at this point.”