Devon Kay & The Solutions, power pop band from the flats of the Midwest have announced their new studio album “Grieving Expectation“. The band both recorded and engineered the album themselves and when it came to mixing and mastering, Devon went with longtime collaborators Mike Kennerty (All American Rejects) for mixing & Erik Atwell for mastering (Telethon).

The record is a collection of maximalist pop punk songs pulling from every genre imaginable. The record’s themes shift from previous record “Limited Joy’s” annoyance with death, to the realisation that there’s actually a bit of time until we reach that point so we better deal with our dreams, communication skills, hubris & a myriad of other things to fill the time! Masking nihilistic musings with “sugar in your teeth” pop music has become a mainstay for Devon Kay & the Solutions and with “Grieving Expectation” they’ve expanded on that idea ten fold.

New single “The Optimist” is a theatrical ride through the mind of the serial mistake maker. An anthemic rock song for the self saboteur. “The Optimist is also a 10 year old song that Ryan Scottie (Drums) & myself started working on when attending college together.” says Devon Kay. “During the pandemic I revisited the song but instead of finishing alone enlisted the help of The Solutions. This lead to the most collaborative song the band has made to date. Each member added their own touch with some members switching instruments to create a song unlike anything we’ve released before.”

1. The Optimist
2. The Space In-Between
3. Parchment & Petroleum
4. Until the Wheels Fall Off
5. Liver
6. No One is Thinking About You (Or Anyone Else…
7. S.A.F.E.T.Y.
8. Oh My, Oh My, We’re Far Past That Now
9. Frustrated People of the World, Unite!
10. 3 Year Defeat
11. A Little Bit


Devon Kay (vocals / Guitar), Ryan Scottie (drums/vocals), Jacob Horn (trombone), Jake Levinson (bass), Ian Terry (trumpet) and Joram Zbichorski-keyboards, Brian Toms – Saxophone