Jay Webster, the vocalist of Dallas based hardcore/hip hop band UNITYTX, has revealed two new songs under his rap project Shaolin G. Fans can now check out two brand new songs “Nice Thingz” and “Heavy Memories” at this link:

“Nice Thingz” was written in the midst of a bad time splitting up with my significant other,” he explains. I wanted something vibrant and upbeat to come out musically for once since everything always sounded so depressing. It’s hard to balance your dreams and also give all of yourself to someone else. Patience wears thin for those wanting more out of a relationship than in a career field.”

“Heavy Memories” was written on the first day of 2021,” he continues. After a long night of reminiscing through the past years; I had a severe mental breakdown and pretty much couldn’t stop being upset about how much loss I experienced in a short time. The only way I was able to find peace in that madness was writing so I sat down at my computer with my guitar and just wrote until I couldn’t keep my head up anymore. It was me against the world.”

Shaolin G is not new to the rap scene. In 2017, he released the singles “Blameitallonme”, “Sorry4thamess” and “Oh”, which can be streamed now all platforms. He is featured with Vlud Diamond in “Ride With Me”, which was released this year.

UNITYTX will release new music in 2021. The band was recently featured on the curated compilation ‘Voices for the Unheard’ from Nova Twins, which helped highlight people of color in the rock and alternative scene. Learn more about it here:

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