Sydney melodic metalcore band BLOOM have announced signing to Pure Noise Records. To celebrate the announcement the band have released new single ‘Bound To Your Whispers‘ and accompanying video.

Speaking about the new single the band said, “Bound to Your Whispers is an exploration of internal disparity and the disconnect between internal doubts, and the manipulation of one’s self.

Written as dialogue between the two internal voices, the protagonist is manipulated by their own thoughts, falling into a false sense of security “let me in, and I’ll relieve your fears… could this be everything I need?”. What is initially perceived as a voice of reason, sheltering the protagonist (“I’ll keep you safe, distract you from all your pain”) gives comfort to the protagonist that they can deal with their anxieties themselves ‘don’t reach out, you don’t need help’. This false sense begins to unravel, wearing the protagonist down by forcing them to relive mistakes and planting seeds of doubt, revealing itself as a trap as it gains control of the internal struggle. ‘You let me in, and I confirmed your fears’.

This internal dialogue convinces the protagonist that there is no way he can exist without the anxiety that has followed him throughout the years, and he gives in, allowing himself to be consumed. ‘Bound to your whispers, under your spell. I have nothing left in me’.”

About Bloom
Combining melodic and fierce instrumentation with emotive lyrics and impassioned vocals has always been a recipe for success in the Melodic Hardcore genre, and is something that Bloom pride themselves on their ability to achieve.

Forming in 2017, Bloom has always strived to put their heart and soul into every single release, exploring themes from broken relationships to grieving the loss of a family member. Their capability to convey deep emotion through surging and soaring songwriting with memorable hooks and choruses are second to none.

Bloom are no strangers to hardship; releasing their sophomore EP In Passing amid the pandemic in 2020, completing a 19 date Australian tour in the brief period of eased restrictions at the start of 2021, and writing and recording their next release entirely remotely with interstate producer Christopher Vernon.

BLOOM are now gearing up for a huge 2023 with signing to Pure Noise Records. Watch out for new music in the future.